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Sandpiper Records is a music label that produces music beyond ink on paper. We offer inspired and daring arrangements and new works from composers, Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. So think of Sandpiper as an instrument, as the avenue for you personally, whether you are the artist or listener alike, enjoy discovering new songs, new landscapes of sounds and stories of harmonies, once unsung, but now alive and sounding.

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By becoming a fan patron you will enjoy access to our widely diverse discography, receive all new releases in your inbox, and be entered into our giveaways. You support is appreciated as we continue to compose, produce and release our music. In true Sandpiper Records style our new repertoire is groundbreaking. Sandpiper Records is the music label of today’s prolific composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. Their music is captivating, rich, deeply moving, dramatic, elegant and masterful, featuring styles ranging from classical violin, fiddling and Americana, to plugged-in rock and jazz/fusion. As a minority-owned business they want to leave a legacy of new music and impact their listeners.